Corporate Translation

We understand that corporate communication is all about the image a company projects to the outside world, investors, clients, suppliers, banks, etc. Finding the right tone to suit your corporate culture is our speciality.

In this sector, translation acquires a whole new dimension: as well as accuracy in wording, a cultural awareness in both source and target language and the ability to convey messages that reflect the initial intention of the corporate communication is of paramount importance to help achieve a specific outcome for our clients.

At Tranzearly Ltd, we are acutely aware of the specific needs of the corporate world. Karl’s extensive background as a Commercial Counsellor/Trade Commissioner and consultant provides him with the ability to aptly represent corporate messages on websites, in annual reports, brochures, press releases and various documents in such a way as to preserve the original intent of the communication, thus achieving the full impact on the specified target audience. Our skill level is evidenced by a large number of returning customers who recognise our ability to promote their image in another language.

Tranzearly is proud to count a number of prestigious New Zealand companies and organisations as well as multinationals amongst our corporate client portfolio:

  • Adam Hall Group – Germany
  • Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) – worldwide
  • Yamaha – Japan
  • French Embassy – in New Zealand
  • NZ Project – New Zealand
  • Transpacific Wealthcare – New Zealand
  • Government of French Polynesia
  • OPT New Caledonia
  • Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment – New Zealand
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – New Zealand