Conference Interpreting

Not all interpretation settings or practitioners are equal: conference interpreting is a highly specialised field demanding an advanced skill set. When choosing Tranzearly Ltd, our clients can be confident that we are able to handle the pressure and pace of the negotiation, conference or courtroom setting.

With the integration of New Caledonia and French Polynesia as well as other French-speaking islands in regional negotiations, and New Zealand engaging more and more with its neighbours in the Pacific, the need for professional interpreting is essential.

Tranzearly Ltd offers high-end simultaneous interpreting and can advise clients on the most suitable setup:


High-tech: sound-proof booths with fixed equipment

High-tech option: conference systems with separate soundproof booth (which Tranzearly can source for our clients), usually in the conference room, where the interpreter stays. He then listens to an audio feed from the main microphone in the room used by the presenters, and translates into a microphone set up in the booth that transmits (often wirelessly) to a receiver/headset worn by the delegate. A suitable set-up where several language streams are required.

Medium-tech option: mobile transmitter/receiver systems (supplied by Tranzearly Ltd) that allow the interpreter to be mobile (outdoor visits, pōwhiri, etc.) and speak into his headset microphone as his voice is relayed to the earpiece worn by delegates. This method is more convenient when there are several people who require interpretation, and for only one language stream.

Low-tech option: chuchotage (whispering), no audio equipment, the interpreter sits close to the delegate and whispers simultaneously. Suitable when there is only one person who requires interpretation.

Tranzearly Ltd provides our own state-of-the-art mobile transmitter/receiver system for greater flexibility and for the comfort of the delegation.

As an additional service to our clients, we may also be able to translate urgent documents on-site that are required during a negotiation/conference.