Transcription Service

Tranzearly Ltd provides a thorough, reliable transcription service and subsequent translation, where required.

What is transcription?

Simply put, transcription is required when an audio recording needs to be put into a word file. For example, a journalist might conduct an interview and will need to have the written text of the recorded interview. Transcriptions are often required for journalistic interviews, academic presentations, research, court proceedings, etc.

The goal is to have a resulting written document retracing the spoken word as closely as possible. The written document can then be used and further processed depending on its final destination.

Most professionals distinguish between two types of transcriptions:

  • Verbatim transcriptions sometimes called full verbatim transcriptions, represent the full transcription of what is being said. In this case, sounds like ahem, err, silences, repetitions and other noises interfering with the audio recording will be written down. This is sometimes needed for legal purposes. However, this is seldom required when the output document is destined for further processing in research, academia, books, interviews…
  • Intelligent verbatim sometimes referred to as edited transcriptions, where the transcriber cleans up the text to remove repeated words, interfering sounds, etc.. to only keep the meaningful content of the recording.

What does the client need to provide?

A good recording of any presentation, interview or speech in the usual formats (mp3, mp4, ogg etc..). When in doubt, please contact us.

How is pricing determined?

At Tranzearly Ltd, we will provide our clients with a quote based on a basis per minute of recording. We mostly provide intelligent verbatim texts in word format where pages are numbered and speakers identified as Speaker 1/Speaker 2 or by name if names are provided.

Please be aware that the quality of the recording is an essential factor in the pricing: recordings in open spaces where conversations are hard to hear, surrounding noises from clients in a café, strong accents, more than 2 speakers, non-native English speakers, etc will slow down the workflow and will incur a surcharge.

Our quote will be based on the recording sample provided by the client.

Automatic machine transcription

As technology evolves, speech recognition software is getting better at transcribing recorded audio files. Tranzearly currently offers automatic machine translation in ENGLISH and FRENCH.

This cost-effective solution is priced at NZD 0.12 per minute of recording (+GST).

While this is an excellent solution for clear recordings for a single speaker, the efficiency of machine transcription decreases with multiple speakers, names, accents, etc.

To find out if you are happy with a machine transcription, send us a sample of up to 10 minutes of recording and we will gladly supply the automatic transcription of the sample FREE OF CHARGE.

Can you translate the transcribed text?

Sure, we can! As a language service provider, we can go where most of our competitors are not able to go, namely translating the final text into the language of your choice (French, English or German at the moment, but we can provide more language options upon request).